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Renew for Women (240 caps)

US #26568

Renew for WomenThe circulatory system works like the body’s superhighway, transporting the essential nutrients and fuel for our bodies to function properly. Circulation facilitates many aspects of human health and wellbeing, and proper blood flow and viscosity also make it easier for the heart to pump nutrients through the body. Increased circulation correlates with increased energy, better stamina, and improved mental alertness and memory recall. Enhanced circulation might also mean an enhanced mood and a greater feeling of vitality.

Unicity Renew, along with improved diet and exercise, helps support a healthy circulatory system.

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US #15911

SKBThis supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients that nourish the urinary system, especially the kidneys and bladder.*
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Wild Yam Cream

US # 12230

Wild Yam CreamThis topical cream delivers wild yam and soy extracts that help naturally balance the female reproductive cycle, as well as additional botanical extracts that moisturize the skin.

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Women’s Formula Plus

US # 0963


Women’s Formula Plus supports women’s breast health. It is scientifically formulated with calcium d-glucarate, a natural substance that supports your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and other adverse substances. Humans and some animals produce d-glucarate, and it is found in some fruits and vegetables, including: oranges, apples, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, spinach and others.

All of us are exposed to pollutants, toxins, pesticides and other potentially harmful elements every day. D-glucarate helps to deactivate or block an enzyme that allows these potentially damaging chemicals to remain in your body. Once blocked, toxic substances that have been deactivated become water-soluble and can then be eliminated from your body via the kidneys and bladder. This important biological process is known as glucuronidation.

Women’s Formula Plus also contains a proprietary blend of beneficial herbs and nutrients to promote cellular health and help maintain bone density.