Virus Protection & Healthy Immune System Support

We are seeing much panic associated with the Coronovirus.

Let’s Get Smart and Feed Our Bodies.

To raise your Immune System IQ, there are several suggestions listed here for those who are interested in staying in top condition, as well as the reasons for each.

Become absolutely pristeen with hand washing, keep showering, keep changing clothes every day, keep your shoes outdoors.

Stay away from Sugar!!

Every time you eat sugar , your immune system dips.  Hydrate with water, and take phytonutrients that make your Immune System IQ up.

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The World is becoming frightened maybe terrified about this corona virus and people are at a loss… you can help!  People do not realize how important in these times it is , to ‘Establish and Maintain One’s Own Immune System.”

In opening a conversation around their Immune System , you will find they know very little.  We have become a society where we largely ignore and take for granted our seemingly good health until a crisis or disaster occurs, and then turn to our Doctors and the Medical System for answers.

The real answer lies within our own control, practicing Prevention learning what we can do to prevent as much as possible,a  medical crisis.  Gaining knowledge around lifestyle principles and practices, which can support us in the healthiest ways creating Vitality, with Nutrition, Exercise and informed and Wise Supplementation.



The best probionic on the market is Probionic Plus!  This is to seed the Immune System.  Unicity’s newst Probionic Plus is one of the Wisest supplements you can use to improve your Immune System creating an Environment Filled with Microbiota in your body and gut to fight off attacks from bacteria, and viruses which can cause disease.

Microbiata consists of a dynamic multispecies community of bacteria , fungi, archaea, and protozoans, bringing to the host organism a dowry of cells and genes more numerous than its own.

Among the different non-sterile cavities, the human gut harbours the most complex microbiota, with a strong impact on host homeostasis and immunostasis, being thus essential for maintaining the health condition.

The immune system is the group of cells and molecules that protect us from disease by monitoring our body and responding to any foreign (non-self) substances they perceive as threats, particularly infectious microbes.

Our immune system has co-evolved along with a diverse gut flora, not only to create defenses against pathogens, but also to develop tolerance for beneficial microbes.

As a consequence, the immune system and the gut microbiota developed a mutualistic relationship, regulating one another and cooperating to support each other.

The importance of this interaction is clearly highlighted by the fact that 70-80% of the body’s immune cells are found in the gut.

If you have a nasty gut, you are in big  trouble…  Probionic Plus will take you a long way, using it a couple or three times a day.  You can give it to small children, mix it with whatever you want.  This one has every microbe encapsulated, so the probiotic gets delivered past the stomach so it can populate where it counts.  Don’t wait to get sick, you want to give your Immune system a higher IQ.

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NOTES: Probionic Plus



-to enhance the microbiome in your body.  This FEEDS the probionic and gets it to proliferate.

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Immunizen contains the colostrum.  This is a safe, ethically sourced colostrum.

Raises the IQ of your Immune System.   It works with those prebiotics, probiotics and Matcha.  You choose your products.

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Read about Immunizen in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)

IMMUNIZEN  PDR Listing Info:–1-6-yeast-beta-glucans-589

Notes:  Immunizen ~_Raise Your Immune System IQ   


It is smarnt to have SIG in the house.  It is absolutely The best Echinacea based product as it has the Goldenseal in it.  Goldenseal is rare in Canada , so to access this one you will find it in Canada NFR  and in the U.S. product collections.

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NOTES:  SIG  – Colds, Flus So Much More than You Bargained For


Most who succumb to Coronovirus succumb to it because of Pneumonia.  Hawaiian Noni works directly on the lungs.. It is really high in Vitamin C plus other immune enhancing micronutrients.

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Enzygen Plus is full of digestive enzymes.  It contains  spirilina, chorella, blue green algae, every kind of enzyme you can think of, packed with phytonutrients, incredible for your immune system and for inflammation.  You can take it with your food, or therapeutically.  It is gentle.

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ENZYGEN PLUS – More Than Just Digestion



Using Matcha Energy has acted for many of us,  like our flu shot for us for nearly a decade.

It’s how it acts within our Immune System with all the cordyceps in it.  If you are under stress, it will help you

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Super Green is super inexpensive.  It is probably one of the most powerful products.  It tastes and looks green.  Mix it in with other things.  Super Green is an organic chlorophyll product from young alfalfa, full of nutrients.  Where chlorophyll is, no bacteria is.  It is antiviral.  There are all kinds of stories of people being healed from horrendous conditions using this.

It cleanses and detoxes your body.   If you take this every day, it cleanses and detoxes your body with some of the best nature has.

When SARS was here, Asia emptied our warehouses of this in North America!!

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NOTES:  Super Green – Chlorophyll

NOTES:  New Research on Chlorophyll