Howard Miller – Diabetic Foot

Make Life Stronger

“I Feel like the Old Me again!”   Howard Miller

Champion Finds an Edge

Do you have a Dream? Looking for an extra Edge?
Clyde Aikau is one of the World’s most recognized Big Wave surfers and has been surfing for over 40 years

Big wave surfing is one of the Works’ Most Dangerous Sports.. with waves reaching 50 feet or More!

Here is Clyde’s Bios Life Slim Story!

( **Bios Life Slim is now sold as Unicity Balance- same formulation)

EnJuvenate – Anti-Aging with HGH as explained by Dr. Peter Verdegham

10 Signs of Aging!- Reverse them with EnJuvenate!!

Jamison Barnes – Unicity Transformation

Jamison completely changed his life and he’s just one of many to do so through the Unicity Transformation.

” All those little aches and pains go away.  It’s good to be back!”

Unicity Prime Challenge – Matt Stahelli

The Prime Challenge program is a 13-week program designed to help people achieve results while greatly increasing their ability to maintain these successes throughout their life. Many participants have seen major health benefits from the transformation program, ranging from weight loss and lower cholesterol to clearer skin and an increase in energy. The Prime Challenge program has proven time and time again to be the best way for people to hit their health goals.

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