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This unique product has been specifically formulated with nutrients known to help maintain the health of blood vessels by promoting blood vessel elasticity, strength, and efficiency. Vascular Complete® provides nutrients and cell repair factors to optimize the function of your blood vessels and the entire cardiovascular system.
Vascular Complete provides the nutrients needed to build strong vascular walls. Our
blood pressure puts a constant strain on our blood vessels, and maintaining both a strong and flexible blood vessel system is key. Vascular Complete’s formula will promote this strong, flexible blood vessel wall we need. It helps prevent rupture of the walls. Vascular Complete also promotes healing of the venous stasis ulcers that can come with poor peripheral circulation.
Vascular Complete is a complex of nutrients known to optimize the health and function of the vascular system, the largest and one of the hardest working, mechanically stressed organs in the body. Blood vessels provide every organ and cell with vital oxygen and nutrients, collect waste products and carry blood for re-oxygenation. In order to carry out their important tasks, the blood vessels that comprise this system have to be strong, flexible and efficient. This depends on millions of cells that make up the vascular wall and that produce the connective tissue, collagen and elastin, which are needed for the elasticity and integrity of blood vessels and for proper response to injury or damage.
The compositional and structural soundness of these cells can be a major factor in maintaining smooth tissue in blood vessels to promote optimum arterial blood flow. Vascular Complete is a unique product that has been specifically formulated with nutrients known to optimize the health of blood vessels. When used in combination with the Rx for Life™ Cellular Essentials® Pack, it provides nutrients and cell repair factors to optimize the function of your blood vessels and the entire cardiovascular system.
Hardening of the Arteries Symptoms
Arteriosclerosis often does not cause symptoms until the lumen of the affected artery is critically narrowed or is totally blocked.
The symptoms of arteriosclerosis are highly variable and can range from no symptoms (in the early stage of the disease) to heart attack or stroke (when the lumen of the artery is critically blocked). Sudden cardiac death can also be the first symptom of coronary heart disease.
Symptoms also depend on the location of the arteries affected by arteriosclerosis.
If the coronary arteries supplying the heart are affected, the person may develop chest pain, shortness of breath,sweating, and anxiety. The specific chest pain (angina), or inadequate blood flow to the heart muscle, generally occurs with exertion and disappears at rest. Classically, angina is a tight, heavy, oppressive sensation in the middle of the chest. Rarely, angina can occur at rest and signifies a more unstable plaque and possibly a threatened heart attack.
Many types of chest pain are not angina, including sore muscles and ligaments in the chest wall; injured lungs surrounding the heart; and a raw, sore esophagus, which runs down through the chest behind the heart.
v4If the carotid or vertebral arteries supplying the brain are affected by arteriosclerosis, the person may develop numbness, weakness, loss of speech, difficulty swallowing, blindness, or paralysis of a part of the body (usually one-half of the body).
If the arteries supplying the legs are affected (see Peripheral Vascular Disease), the person may have severe pain in the legs. The pain typically comes when a person is walking and goes away when he or she stops walking (intermittent claudication). When the disease is severe, the pain may come on at rest and/or at night. If the skin breaks down, the wound may become infected and never heal, potentially leading to amputation.
If the arteries supplying the kidneys are affected, the person can have symptoms of high blood pressure or may develop kidney failure
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