The Fountain of Youth

What is the secret to youthfulness and vitality?

We have within us all the Human Growth Hormone that is generated by our Livers. Our Hypothalimus works to trigger the pituitary to produce it. The amount of HGH in our systems increases from birth to a high point at age 21 where the level is at 10mg/dl, This level then decreases as we get older in years so that by the time we are 50 you will have a level of 2mg/dl. There are 28,000 studies done on this. Enjuvenate contains the amino acids your body requires to make Glutathione.

What happens to you as you age?

At the age of 21, your Human Growth Hormone or HGH is at it’s peak. Your bone plates harden off and growth stops. As the levels of HGH decline over the years, your organs begin to shrink. If you eat a hig fat diet you will produce less and less HGH. Stress will also cause the HGH levels to decline.

It has been proven that people with Diabetes have a lower level of HGH.

What will Enjuvenate do for you?

In July, 1990 , Dr Rudman published a double blinded placebo study that shows Enjuvenate reduces the aging process by 10-20 years.

The study also showed increases in immune function , increases in Glutathione, labido, longevity.

Enjuvenate raises the HGH levels in your body which can facilitate fat loss by 70% in three months.  It creates more lean body tissue ( Now what do you think could be the result if you combine this with Unicity Balance ? ? ? ? )

– Creates more lean tissue

– Reduces body fat over a 6-12 month period anywhere from 14-17% (really gives Slim a kick)

– Protects, restores and regenerates the size and health of internal organs by 10-15 years.

– Improves memory

– More energy

– Improves sleep

-Improves eyesight (remember those organs are regenerating

– Supports improvement of the glyceminc indexes

– Improves Cardiovascular Health and Cholesterol profile

– Alzheimer’s is staved off, slows the onset of Parkinson’s

– Improves the health of MS and ALS sufferers.

– Improves health of Fibromyalgia sufferers and Chronic Fatique.

– your muscle strength and size increase bringing your endurance up 80 percent

– your skin becomes more youthful- up to 61% improvement in skin elasticity…. Wrinkles are decreased!!

– Improves skin integriy and thickness especially after use of steoids.

– Restores hair growth

– Eyesight improves ( remember those organs are regenerating)

– Healing capacity is increased an average 71% throughout the body

– Flexibility increases an average 81%, which means arthritis , knee, back problems are helped

– Improves libido and sexual function.

Improves your immune system and function , has the ingredients that stimulates Glutathione production, the natrually produced Master Ant-oxidant, Immune System enhancer and agent to aid in detoxification.

And the Very Wonderful thing about it? You can purchase this at the Preferred price ( 15% off) – contact me for a preferred customer number , or get one when you order-

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The product will come straight to your door.

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EnJuvenate:  Canada NFR #20982  , US #20982

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RESOURCE: SHOP TALK with Darlene Long and Burma Hicks. Aug 20, 2008.

DISCLAIMER: The publisher does not claim to be a health care professional of any sort.  This blog is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a guide for diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease.  If you have ay health problems, it is advisable to seek the advice of a health care professional.

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