Sweet 3

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Sweet 3
The ultimate pack for all things Bone and Joint!



You’ve lived your whole life being as active as possible. Nothing should stop you now.

Fortify is a delicious drink-mix formula that contains a proper balance of ingredients to help you build stronger and healthier bones. Get the calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and other nutrients that your body needs to maximize your bone health and your liveliness. This is the kind of strength you can feel in your bones.

Fortify combines each of the benefits from our older Unicity Bone related products, and improves them with the forefront of modern-day science.


Unicity Joint Mobility helps maintain joint health through two distinct mechanisms.
One is that the product’s type II collagen (UC-II) — a supplement used to treat joint health in its originalfmolecular structure — interacts with antibody molecules and deactivates collagen-specific T cells. When those T cells are deactivated, the enzymes responsible for joint breakdown are not released.
Published studies have shown UC-II to be highly effective — two times more effective than a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are two well-known supplements commonly used for joint health. This mechanism is further enhanced with the addition of
vitamin D3 found in Joint Mobility, which has a similar function in supporting healthy T cells.
Also, the turmeric and boswellia extracts in Joint Mobility help assist the joints in functioning properly. When used together, these ingredients can assist in long-term maintenance of the joints by deactivating the T cells responsible for joint breakdown. They also give the
\ body a chance to strengthen joints. As a member of Unicity’s Genomeceutical ™
line of products, Joint Mobility helps maintian healthy gene experession related to proper joint function.
UC-II – Undenatured collagen has epitopes that interact with antibody molecules, which deactivating collagen-specific T cells. This supplement has also been shown to be highly effective in animal trials with dogs and horses.

1,2 Turmeric Extract – Evidence shows that curcumin which comes from the Turmeric spice, has many properties. Curumin has been found to be safe in

multiple studies, even with high doses.
Boswellia Extract
– This traditional herb (also known as frankincense) is used to aid in decreasing inflammation. Boswellia is fairly new to the research field, and its studies show positive results.
Vitamin D3
– Vitamin D plays a significant role in the immune system. The vitamin D receptor is found in
substantial concentrations in T cells.


The White Oak Plus formulation contains white oak bark that is traditionally used in Herbal Medicie as an antioxidant and an astringent, helpful for relieving diarrhea.. The inner bark of the white oak also contains about 10 percent of a tannin complex, often referred to as quercitannic acid. Tannins protect injured tissues by precipitating their proteins to form an antiseptic, protective coat under which the regeneration of new tissues may take place. Connective tissue, which consists mainly of collagen and elastin, is the body’s main structural material. It forms the bulk of tendons and ligaments and provides a framework for bone and muscles. As the body ages, the irregular cell distribution makes the entire connective tissue structure less flexible and less resilient after even minor injury. Bones become thinner and more brittle as a result of osteoporosis, the loss of collagen reduces muscle bulk and strength, and loss of cartilage makes joints painful and stiff.


U.S- White Oak not available – substitute BM&C



This regenerative herbal formula helps reduce tissue inflammation,
nourishes ligaments and tendons, and strengthens the body against infections.
Promotes healthy bodily tissue.
Helps nourish ligaments and tendons.
Primary Target: People looking to nourish their ligaments and tendons
Secondary Target: Individuals wanting to support healthy tissue


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