Winning the Wrestling Match of Life


Winning the Wrestling Match of Life

Jamison Barnes grew up in the rural parts of northern Idaho where he had a difficult childhood. His parents were divorced and he was raised without much guidance. Jamison bounced back and forth between his mother and father’s houses, but neither of them was even close to an ideal living situation. By the time he was 14, Jamison knew that if he wanted a better life, he would have to raise himself.

At about that same time, Jamison found that he had an aptitude for wrestling. The sport fit his personality perfectly and gave him an outlet for his competitive desire and frustration.

“I was driven by the desire to compete, and the sport is what kept me focused and out of trouble,” Jamison said. “I used wrestling as the motivating force to accomplish one of my main goals: to be the first in my family to graduate high school.”

Along with a successful wrestling career, Jamison also became the only one of his four brothers to graduate from high school.

“When I graduated high school,” he said, “I was in the prime of my life—the best shape physically and mentally I have ever been in—and was ready to tackle anything.”

After high school, Jamison worked jobs that were physically and mentally demanding, helping him to test his personal limits and stay motivated by different challenges.

But, perhaps the biggest challenge of all came 16 years ago when he became a parent to a baby girl with special needs. Jesika is a severely autistic, non-verbal, very aggressive, and developmentally delayed child that requires constant attention. As a parent, Jamison put his daughter’s needs before his own and quit his job to become a stay-at-home dad.

“The constant work load, coupled with watching Jesika struggle, caused me to become depressed,” Jamison said. “I let myself go physically and emotionally while trying to take care of my family.”

Years passed and Jamison’s physical condition got worse. When he was just about to give up on his health, he saw the success his wife was having with the Unicity Transformation Program.

“I saw her make a drastic mental and physical change,” Jamison said. “I started paying more attention to what the program was all about, and my competitive drive started to stir. I began to see Unicity as just what I needed to change my and my daughter’s life. Once my wife’s transformation was complete, I decided it was my turn; I refused to be another statistic.”

Jamison was scared to think about what would happen if his daughter had to try to go through life without her dad, so he made the decision to do what he could to improve his chances of being around for his kids. He began the Unicity Transformation Program.

“With the Transformation, I enjoyed the structure, discipline, and personalization that my coach tailored specifically for my lifestyle,” Jamison said. “I had forgotten how much I loved to work out and found myself wanting to be at the gym more and more. My relationship with my wife has improved. We work out early in the morning together, we plan meals together, and our family is also much more active. Unicity has changed the quality of our lives.”

During the program, Jamison lost 55 pounds. His waist went from a size 40 down to a size 32, and he lost 17½ inches off his waist and hips. His energy level skyrocketed and he once again has a positive view on life.

“The competitive drive that fueled me as a youngster has also returned,” Jamison said. “I feel like I have been given my life back and I can do anything I set my mind to. Prior to the Transformation, my weight was so excessive that I could barely walk. My feet just couldn’t stand the weight. I was preparing to have surgery to help with the pain, but now it’s as if the pain never existed!”

Jamison is the winner in this quarter’s Prime Challenge Contest. His hard work and success over the past 12 weeks has earned him the grand prize of $5,000.

“The last three months have been difficult but extremely rewarding,” Jamison said. “I am finally happy with who I am as a person and the body that hard work and Unicity has given me. Thanks to Unicity, I feel like I have been given the chance to spend a lifetime with my family.”

Unicity products are now a staple in the Barnes family household, even for Jesika, who has lost 15 pounds while taking them and is doing much better.