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Here at Unicity Sciences we have the best protein products on the Planet. They are LC or Lean Complete. Besides our 3 Unicity Complete proteins, and Quad Plex protein, we are now launching 4 new protein products.

How do we describe protein?   Think about Legos.   We can build things out of Lego. Protein is a big macro molecule made up of individual building blocks [ like lego ] and called amino acids. Protein is one of the preferred fuel amino acids are essential for proper human metabolic health.

Amino acids, like Lego are used to build things. Amino acids are essential for metabolic health.

They are essential for bone health, they are essential for circulatory health, hair, skin, nail health, heart health – protein is very important, brain health, liver health , lung health, kidney health. All vital amino acids are used for human metabolism.

When we talk about human health and metabolism, we need protein with a good diversity of amino acids. Good food contains a wide variety of amino acids. This is akin in our analogy to lots of different types of Legos.

Foods from the standard processed diet contains very little protein and if it does, it has one amino acid.. You can’t build much with one amino acid, just as you cannot build much with one type of Lego.

Lots of types of legos, shapes and sizes allow us build things from. Good food contains a lot of different types of amino acids.

Conversely, foods from the standard modern processed diet contains very little protein and if it does it is of low quality.

In our nutrition programs we teach people to eat a good diversity of protein. The quantity is important , but so is the quality.

After considering, the quantity- how many different types of protein you have- You also want QUALITY proteins containing High Amino Acid Scores.


Our genomeceutical technology is a part of many of our newest products. These are ingredients capable of regulating the chemical switches in the body to support metabolic health.

We now have an LC Protein with Genomeceutical properties .. That one being

LC Base


The World’s first and ONLY Genomeceutical Meal Replacement product!


The Problem

The modern processed diet lacks high quality protein- which results in decreased energy and poor metabolic health.

The Solution

LC Ascent- the world’s first Genomeceutical protein product

The Evidence

Matcha green tea and cordyceps militaris have been shown to provide a metabolic boost and support healthy gene expression in the body.

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LC Acent contains high quality, high amino acid score protein and also gives a metabolic boost. When you take it, you feel Ready! It turns on the genes, chemical switches in your body for energy production.

LC Ascent protein is a combination of whey protein, soy protein and algae proteins. Did you know that algae is a good source of protein? Not only is algae protein good for it’s protein content and amino acid score, algae protein contains chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals and other phyto-nutrients that are important for human metabolic health.

We also have a broad spectrum of prebiotic fiber matrix, digestive enzymes and large amounts of healthy fats.

LC Ascent contains all the key ingredients for proper human metabolic health.

The genomeceutical ingredients within are cordyceps militaris and matcha green tea… the same high quality, matcha green tea found in our Bios Life E and Unicity Matcha products – packed with catakins and polyphenols known to regulate the genes in the body in regards to energy production and energy expenditure.   Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for at least 3000 years. It grows naturally on the Tibetan plateau. It grows on the Himalayas only about 2-4000 meters in the spring time when it is harvested. Cordyceps is known for vitality, energy, libido, anti-fatigue, immune health, maintains healthy blood glucose regulation, and maintain healthy blood lipid levels. Cordyceptis is a genomeceutical compound for healthy gene expression. Our cordyceps contains large amounts of cordyceptis.

When you combine all this together you have a tremendous product.

This is a multi-facited product. Use it when you wake up, at work, after a work out… any time you want to experience energy production.



LC Snap is convenient smart nutrition in your pocket with a Zero Glycemic Load and a prebiotic within.
Choose from Almond Vanilla or Peanut Butter flavour.
A true meal replacement with quality ingredients. It provides quality protein. It gives you a great amount of those healthy fats to make sure you are full and satisfied.
The Problem
The modern processed diet lacks high quality protein with limited mobility – which results in poor metabolic health.
The Solution
LC SNAP – Unicity’s blue-ocean on-the-go protein bar.
The Evidence
LC SNAP provides good amounts of mobile protein and microbiome -supporting fiber – all while being delicious, low glycemic load and containing transparent ingredients.
LC Snap bar CONTAINS: 
12 g. of fiber, 15 g. protein per serving, 12/14 g healthy fat, 1 g. added sugar, 200/300 calories per serving
10-12 ingredients, ingredients you can understand!
SNAP  stands for Smart Nutrition And Prebiotics.
This is a MICROBIOME bar..  a Gut Health Bar!
It is low, low in sugar ( 1 g. minimally processed sugar – 4 calories). The extra additive in sugar to allow for palatability and compliency.   If it doesn’t taste good, we won’t go back to it.
The best part is that it has a Zero Glycemic Load. The Glycemic Load is the amount you can consume without affecting the Glycemic Index and how blood sugar is spiking in the system. We don’t want that.
Help to compliment your metabolism and how it is optimized, and how it fires.
Secondly, the Prebiotic. Prebiotics have a microbial impact on our gut health. When we are supplying our body with that prebiotic, it’s giving that good bacteria in our gut, the nutrients it needs to thrive and thrive, and make sure that digestion is optimal.
“We do not know of any other bar on the market that even 
comes close to these factors.” coach Sean Smith                                                  -Coach Sean Smith
Helpful hints:
  • Use within mealtimes to properly manage blood sugars, not as a snack
  • 10 to 12 ingredients per bar! This is very simple, with optimal metabolic energy.
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 12 grams of fat from the Almonds and Peanuts
  • the Optimal Complete Meal Replacement
  • optimal way to stay on the program and be successful