Darlene’s Recipe – Recovery from Arthritis

by Shop Talk Notes on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 8:21pm

It was 5 years ago this past March when I was finally diagnosed with End Stages Osteoarthritis in every vertebrae in my back. I had developed spurs and calcifications that impeded my entire right side. I had only 15% use of my right arm and 40% of my right leg. The prognosis…ambulatory products..walker or wheelchair within 3-5 years.I sat and cried as most would do for a couple of days…oh boo hoo and then decided to get to work on my body…….this condition crept up on me and became full blown manifest after a really bad fall and I assumed I had injured the roto-cuff in my shoulder…wrong…injury causes the body sometimes to speed up the degeneration which was already going on….here is what I did.

Clear Start….Paraway..Lifiber and tea

6 CM Plex Capsules……3 with breakfast…3 with dinner
MSM………………………..4 with each meal
Osteo Essentials………..4 with breakfast 4 with dinner
Bonemate…………………4 with breakfast 4 with dinner
White Oak Plus………….6 capsules with 1 tsp of Calcium Magnesium Chelate every 3-4 hours for pain

I did this regime for an entire 8 weeks before pain was completely gone and mobility began to return. Then I removed 1 capsule at a time for a day or so and then moved down slowly over the next 2 months until I was taking 1/2 of the amounts listed…

I also began walking regularly.

Dietarily, I removed…potatoes, green peppers, red peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, refined sugar and all white flour products as well as caffeine from my diet. I never ate egg plant..or I would have removed it too. I never drank sodas or pop or that would have been gone also.

I was changing practitioners this fall and had an entire work-up done on my back and joints…..here is the results….no joints in legs, hips, arms, or hands affected at this time with arthritis….my vertebrae show in my back as early stages…stage 2 arthritis. I have not had any pain in years from the arthritis and now have a full regime with a personal trainer at a gym…..I am in my late 50s and enjoy better health vitality, strength and flexibility than I have in 25 years at least.

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