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Aboriginal Gold®Cleansing Bar

US #19159

Ab Gold SoapTypical soaps, packed with detergents and chemicals, can leave skin dry and itchy. Aboriginal Gold Cleansing Bar is a mild, vegetable-based solid cleanser with Centipeda c. and tea tree oil to refresh the skin. It also contains grapefruit and lavender to cleanse and kill odor-causing bacteria, all with a refreshing, unisex scent. It’s gentle yet effective enough to keep the whole family clean and comfortable from head to toe.

Aboriginal Gold® Skin Comforting Cream

US #15129

Ab Gold CreamThis moisture-focused formula uses a high concentration of Centipeda c. to help soothe extremely dry, rough, or cracked skin. In addition to this unique ingredient, the formulation also contains tea tree oil, geranium leaf oil, primrose seed oil, lavender oil, and aloe vera—ingredients known for their benefits to overall skin health.

Aestivál™ Skin Renewal Treatment

US #5003

Aestival Skin Renwal TreatmentWith this serum, eliminate the visible signs of sun damage, discolorations, and blemishes while improving the skin’s overall texture and appearance.

Be™ Hydrating Shampoo

Canada NFR #20830

Be Hydrating ShampooDry, brittle hair thirsts for moisture. Be Hair Hydrating Shampoo is a gentle, creamy wash that bathes hair in rich moisture while making it stronger. Exclusive SoyActiv nutrition is a soy protein complex, rich in more than 18 amino acids, that is shown to strengthen hair up to 68 percent—giving you lustrous, durable, healthy-looking hair. SoyActiv insulates the natural protective layer of each strand of hair, intelligently concentrating on weak areas such as fracture sites and hair ends and fortifying against breakage and splitting. Humectant honey extract is added to replenish essential moisture along with chamomile extract, which adds sheen to hair. Hydrating Shampoo leaves hair clean and luxuriously soft. Be Hydrating Shampoo is the perfect everyday partner to Be Weightless Conditioner.

Be™ Weightless Conditioner

US #20833

Be Weightless ConditionaHeavy conditioners can leave your hair limp and unmanageable. Using pure, whole-leaf aloe juice—abundant in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes—Be Hair Weightless Conditioner provides a precise amount of moisture without weighing down your hair. Additionally, the exclusive SoyActiv nutrition complex concentrates on weak areas such as fracture sites and hair ends, fortifying against breakage and splitting. Emollient-rich jojoba seed oil helps soften hair. Weightless Conditioner is the perfect everyday partner to Be Hydrating Shampoo.

Mineral Mask (Packets)

US #25022

Mineral Mask• A blend of more than 30 revitalizing minerals including copper, silver and calcium carbonate
• Draws out impurities and toxin from the skin
• Firms and tightens the facial contours
• Restores a youthful glow