Over-Prescibing Nightmare.


This is a funny shirt about a not-so-funny issue. Seeing this trend of over-prescribing is very concerning.  People who are committing these mass murders are almost always on toxic “cocktails” of multiple psychotropic drugs. That’s a MUCH larger issue than many others that occupy the daily news in the USA.

If you notice, no longer are you given a drug that “cures” anything. You’re now more likely to be prescribed a drug that only treats the symptom and, Oh, by the way, must be taken DAILY, for the rest of your life! How convenient for those pushing unnecessary drugs onto the citizens of the USA. It’s a multi-BILLION $ a year industry and I think much of it is a harmful scam, lulling our country to sleep.

The right drugs can save lives, or make life better. The over-prescribing of too many drugs, however, creates a toxic, irrational society that declines as it loses its physical and mental health, decreasing overall judgment and effectiveness. That’s definitely NOT in our best interest.

While this shirt may not be technically perfect, it does bring up a solid point on overmedication and cascading side effects. Just my 2 cents on our growing, overly-medicated, numbed out and dumbed down zombie nation. If you love someone, or yourself, explore the possibility of just saying no, when medially appropriate.

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