Omega Life 3 RESOLV

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omegalife-3_resolvInflammation BE GONE!

At Unicity, our Omega Life-3 Resolve is the only fish oil supplements on the market optimized for its production of resolvins. Our product increases the conversion of EPA and DHA in the fish oil to Resolvins – which help maintain healthy inflammation levels throughout the body.


Inflammation plays a key role in the pathogenisis of numerous health conditions adn is characterized by a series of inflammatory responses. Interestingly, local inflammation promptly occurs after injuries or infections and subsequently involves mechanisms underlying the resolution of inflammation and the wound healing process.

Once impaired, these mechanisms may cause chronically harmful conditions. The resolution of inflammation is not simply associated with the reduction of pro-inflammatory mediators followed by their decreased influences. Pain caused by chronic inflammation, as in arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, low back pain, and neuropathic pain, causes suffering and high healthcare and socioeconomic  costs. Long-term use of the analgesics available today is limited by side effects so there is the need for new, effective, and well-tolerated analgesics.

Maintaining healthy inflammation levels is a critical facet of overall human metabolic health. Inflammation can be induced in the body by factors such as exercise, stress, pollution and poor diet.

*Endogenous pain-inhibitory substances have rarely been found.  A group of powerful pain suppressor molecules that are endogenously generated are now emerging and playing important roles with balancing inflammation in the human body.  Resolvins and related compounds including Neuroprotectins acting as Neuroprotection which refers to the preservation of neuronal structure and function and Maresins ** derived from the polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) docosahexaenic acid (DHA) , which is a component of fish oil and the most important omega-3  PUFA

You may have heard of the benefits of EPA and DHA in fish oil. But the real benefit comes

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when your body converts the EPA and DHA into resolvins. The resolvins are what actually maintain healthy inflammation levels throughout the body.

Given that Resolvins are derived from omega-3 fatty acids and that they are Endogenous anti-inflammatory substances, it is a good hypothesis that they also have an effect on almost all inflammatory-related pain.


Omega Life-3 Resolv is an upgraded version of our other omega-3 products. Omega Life-3 Resolv combines concentrated fish oil with proprietary ingredients to give you the same healthy heart benefits with the added benefit of increasing your production of resolvins.