5 Steps to Optimal Health


Optimal health isn’t found in a miracle pill or drink, but is a lifestyle achieved through a balanced and simple approach to diet, exercise, nutrition, and knowedge.

5steps_leapDramatically improving your health is something that doesn’t have to be  complicated or time consuming.  It only seems complex because it’s hard to know where to start or which actions will have the most impact on your health.  If you  watch TV or pass by a magazine counter, it’s even more compliacted because each month there’s a new diet or eercise program – often contradicting what was said last mont, last week, or even yesterday.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

In reality, there are some tried, tested, simple and effective ways to imporove your health.  They don’t involve intricate diets or arduous exercises – and cost you little if anything. Fuel your mind and body with proper information and nutrition, you will be your own greatest source of health, disease prevention, and happiness.

We believe that there are healthy steps that you can take right now- without diruption to your daily life.  By incorporating smaller, manageable chunks of activity into you daily routine, your’re more likely to follow these changes for longer than if you were to make more drastic ones and eventually go back to your owld ways.

We’ve distilled volumes and decades of medical and scientific research- and conducted a substantial amount of our own, so that you don’t have to sort through it all.  We’ve arrived at a simple five-step plan that you can start right now to put you on the pathway to optimal health, vitality , and quality of life.

Even if  you’re in great shape, you’ll see the wisdom of Unicity’s 5 Steps to Optimal Health, and if you aren’t, you’ll see how easy and simple improving your health can be.

  • Step One:  Hydrate
  • Step Two:  Exercise
  • Step Three:  Cleanse
  • Step Four:  Nourish
  • Step Five:  Target

Step 1 title



Before we begin, go into the kitchen, fill a glass with water, and drink.  There, you just did the most important thing you can do to start improving your health- drinking sufficient water. Could it be simpler? We don’t think so. All medical and scientific research points to this as your starting place. Drink more water.

How long can you hold your breath? You cannot go long without oxygen can you? Next to oxygen, water is the most essential nutrient required by your body not only to survive but also to function properly. It might not seem like it, but water is the most  necessary nutrient of them all. A significant fraction of your body is water. Your muscle tissue contains about 75% water. YOur blood is 95% water, your body fat contains 14% water and your bones have 22 percent water. All toteled, your body is about 55 to 60 percent water.

With that much water in your body, you’d think that you could go for a while without any more. However, your body is using up water even sitting still. Have you ever sat in your car with the windows rolled up when it was cold outside, and had the windows fog up? That’s the water that leaves your body with breathing and evaporation through your skin.

Water is the main ingredient in  the fluids in your body systems. Fluids travel through your body, carrying nutrients and wast to and from all your cells and organs. Your heart, your eyes, your intestines and even your big toe ned water-based fluids to survive.

Water plays a critical role in the natural metabolic, digestive, and cellular regenerations processes. Every part and system in 1-Insetyour body depends on water to function properly.

Don’t wait until you’re thirst – according to a Mayo Clinic study, thirst is not always a reliable gauge that your’re getting enough water.  In fact, thirst usually doesn’t develop until after the body fluids are depleted well below levels required for optial functioning.

We recommend that men drink at least four quarts of water a day, and that women drink at least three quarts.

Does it surprise you that Step One is simply to drink more water? Go get another drink and we’ll move on to Step Two.






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