Unicity Balance for Glucose Management

Unicity BALANCE in North America,

Bios Life Slim G other markets

Unicity International recently announced the release of a new, clinically proven glucose management drink: Unicity Balance for Glucose Management  ( Bios Life Slim-G in Europe)  .This drink’s science-based formulation, released as a part of the Unicity Balance family, focuses on helping people manage blood glucose levels in addition to assisting with cholesterol and weight management.

Unicity Balance for Glucose Management ( formarly Bios Life Slim- G) helps people manage glucose levels through a proprietary ingredient called Nutrafiber. This ingredient has been in development for 18 months with the purpose of improving glycemic control.

BALANCE your Blood

Dr. Tom Cutler, Unicity Chief Science Officer,-  “Nutrafiber has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and the body’s insulin response by 30%.” These results indicate Unicity Balance for Glucose Management can have a significant impact for those looking to manage insulin and glucose levels.

One natural benefit of taking Bios Life Slim G is potential reduction in body fat. “We have found that body fat is directly affected by blood sugar levels,” Cutler said. “Managing your blood sugar leads to fat loss.” This is due to the fact that excess glucose leads to an increase in the body’s fat cells. When glucose levels are regulated, the body begins to burn fat instead of increasing fat, which helps people lose weight.

According to Unicity, glycemic control will begin to improve immediately upon taking Unicity Balance for Glucose Management, Bios Life Slim G in Europe. In clinical trials, consumers reported seeing visible benefits within the first 30 days. Eleanor from Georgia shared her results, saying “In just four weeks… I’ve lost a total of 13 inches! I just put on pants that are two sizes smaller than last month. The weight has just fallen off.”

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