Yeast Overgrowth or Candida?

Is it Yeast Over Growth or Candida Bothering Your Health?
You may want to do this questionnaire!
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(This questionnaire is not meant to diagnose, only to evaluate overall health and fact- find to help assess factors which may be contributing to troublesome or chronic issues with your health that may have been overlooked or not properly discussed with your Health Practitioner of Family Doctor.  For a diagnosis you would need to receive this from your Licensed Health Practitioner or Medical Doctor)

This questionnaire lists factors in your medical history that may lead you to the belief you are experiencing the over growth of the common yeast, Candida Albicans (Section A), and symptoms commonly found in individuals with over growth of yeast-connected illness (Sections B and C).

Filling out and scoring this questionnaire should help you and your physician evaluate how Candida Albicans and or Yeast Over Growth may be contributing to your health problems. Yet it will not provide an automatic yes or no answer.

You may need a comprehensive history and physical examination in addition to laboratory studies, x-rays, and other types of tests which may also be appropriate to fully establish chronic or recurrent health issues.

 (Understanding that inappropriate diet and lifestyle often is at the foundation of many diseases and chronic poor health and correcting these, (diet and lifestyle) will lead you back to vitality and wellness is of paramount importance. To permanently restore health requires diligence, commitment to correct diet, lifestyle and supplementation for a lifetime.)

For each yes answer in Section A, circle the Point Score. Total your score, and record it at the end of the section. Then move on to Sections B and C, and score as directed.

Section A: History

  1.  Have you taken tetracycline (Sumycin®, Panmycin®, Vibramycin®,Minocin®, etc.) or other antibiotics for acne for 1 month (or longer)? Point score-50  Score______
  2.  Have you, at any time in your life, taken other “broad spectrum” antibiotics for respiratory, urinary or other infections for 2 months or longer, or for shorter periods 4 or more times in a 1-year span? Point score-50 Score ________
  3.  Have you taken a broad spectrum antibiotic drug – even for one period? Point score-6
  4.  Have you, at any time in your life, been bothered by persistent prostatitis, vaginitis, or other problems affecting your reproductive organs? Point score-25 Score_____
  5.  Have you been pregnant 2 or more times? Point score-5 Pregnant 1 time? Point score-3  Score ____
  6.  Have you taken birth control pills for more than 2 years? Point score-15 Taken birth control pills 6 months to 2 years? Point score-8  Score ____
  7.  Have you taken prednisone, Decadron®, or other cortisone-type drugs by mouth or inhalation** for more than 2 weeks? Point score-15                                                                 taken these drugs 2 weeks or less? Point score-6    Score ____
  8.  Does exposure to perfumes, insecticides, fabric shop odors, or other chemicals provoke moderate to severe symptoms? Point score-20                                                                                Does exposure produce mild symptoms? Point score-5    Score ____
  9.  Are your symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in moldy places? Point score-20  Score ____
  10.  Have you had athlete’s foot, ringworm, “jock itch” or other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails that have been severe or persistent? Point score-20                                                          Mild or moderate? Point score-10  Score ____
  11.  Do you crave sugar? Point score-10    Score ____
  12.  Do you crave breads? Point score-10  Score ____
  13.  Do you crave alcoholic beverages? Point score-10  Score ____
  14.  Does tobacco smoke really bother you? Point score-10 Score ____

Total Score, Section A _______

**The use of nasal or bronchial sprays containing cortisone and/or other steroids promotes overgrowth in the respiratory tract.

Section B:

Major Symptoms For each symptom that is present, enter the appropriate number to the right of the item: If a symptom is occasional or mild, score 3 points. If a symptom is frequent and/or moderately severe, score 6 points. If a symptom is severe and/or disabling, score 9 points. Total the score for this section, and record it at the end of this section.

  1.  Fatigue or lethargy _______
  2.  Feeling of being “drained” _______
  3.  Poor memory _______
  4.  Feeling “spacey” or “unreal” _______
  5.  Mood Swings_____
  6.  Depression_____
  7.  Mental Fog
  8.  Inability to make decisions _______
  9.  Numbness, burning or tingling _______
  10.  Insomnia _______
  11.  Diabetes______
  12.  IBS______
  13.  Leaky Gut Syndrome____
  14.  Acne_____
  15.  Auto Immune Disorders______
  16.  Low Immune Function____
  17.  Unexplained Weight loss or Inability to gain weight_____
  18.  Inability to Lose Weight_______
  19.  Parasitic Infestation______
  20.  Muscle aches _______
  21.  Muscle weakness or paralysis _______
  22.  Pain and/or swelling in joints _______
  23.  Food sensitivities____
  24.  Abdominal pain _______
  25.  Constipation _______
  26.  Diarrhea _______
  27.  Bloating, belching or intestinal gas _______
  28.  Acid Reflux_____
  29.  Troublesome vaginal burning, itching or discharge
  30.  Interstitial Cystitis____
  31.  Recurring Bladder Infections____
  32.  Prostatitis _______
  33.  Impotence _______
  34.  Loss of sexual desire or feeling _______
  35.  Endometriosis or infertility _______
  36.  Cramps and/or other menstrual irregularities _______
  37.  Premenstrual tension (PMS)_______
  38.  Attacks of anxiety or crying _______
  39.  Cold hands or feet and/or chilliness _______
  40.  Shaking or irritable when hungry _______

Total Score, Section B _______

Section C:*Other Symptoms For each symptom that is present, enter the appropriate number to the right of the item: If a symptom is occasional or mild, score 3 points. If a symptom is frequent and/or moderately severe, score 6 points. If a symptom is severe and/or persistent, score 9 points. Total the score for this section and record it in the box at the end of this section.

  1.  Drowsiness _______
  2. Irritability or jitteriness _______
  3. Incoordination _______
  4. 4. Inability to concentrate _______
  5.  Frequent mood swings _______
  6.  Headaches _______
  7.  Dizziness/loss of balance _______
  8.  Pressure above ears, feeling of head swelling _______
  9.  Itchy Ears______
  10.  Ringing in Ears
  11.  Tendency to bruise easily _______
  12.  Chronic rashes or itching of the skin _______
  13.  Psoriasis or recurrent hives _______
  14.  Indigestion or heartburn _______
  15.  Food sensitivity or intolerance _______
  16.  Mucus in stools _______
  17.  Rectal itching _______
  18.  Dry mouth or throat _______
  19.  Rash or blisters in mouth _______
  20.  Bad breath _______
  21.  Thrush_____
  22.  Foot, hair or body odor not relieved by washing _______
  23.  Nasal congestion or post nasal drip _______
  24.  Sinusitis______
  25.  Nasal itching _______
  26.  Sore throat _______
  27.  Laryngitis, loss of voice _______
  28.  Cough or recurrent bronchitis _______
  29.  Pain or tightness in chest _______
  30.  Wheezing or shortness of breath _______
  31.  Urinary frequency, urgency or incontinence _______
  32.  Burning on urination _______
  33.  Dermatitis____
  34.  Psoriasis, Eczema________
  35.  Spots in front of eyes or erratic vision _______
  36.  Burning or tearing of eyes _______
  37.  Itching Eyes_______
  38.  Recurrent infections or fluid in ears _______
  39.  Ear pain or deafness _______

*While the symptoms in this section occur commonly in patients with yeast-connected illness, they also occur commonly in patients who do not have candida. 


Total Score

Section C _______ Total Score,

Section B _______ Total Score,

Section A _______

Grand Total Score (add totals from Sections A, B and C) _______

For Men, Score of 140 or more 

For Women, Score of 180 or more

Evaluate your probability of a Candida or Yeast Over Growth.

Symptoms and Signs of Yeast Over- Growth For Children:

  • • • Frequent diaper rash
  • • Eczema
  • • Nasal congestion
  • • Prolonged Colic
  • • Ear infections
  • • Irritable
  • • Coughs, Wheezing
  • • Craving sweets
  • • Sense of Malaise or Unwellness
  • • Thrush
  • • Constipation
  • • Diarrhea
  • • Bladder infections
  • • Pinworms
  • • Inability to gain weight
  • • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • • Low immune function, constantly with colds and flues

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