Colonoscopies Gone Wrong

When I heard that colonoscopies have been proven to be much less reliable in their posted results, I found even further initiative to ensure proper cleansing.  It is advisable to go on at least a 3 month cleanse at first and then follow that up with bi-annual cleanses.   People are dying from colon cancer despite having colononoscopies as the tests have been proven only 60% effective.  The tests are missing the right side of the colon.  Also, there are types of cancer that are NOT detected.


Here are the links to the News reports:

Colonoscopy Proven Ineffective Against Some Tumors – Dec 15, 2008

Colonoscopy less effective for upper colon: study – Oct 2, 2008


I strongly believe in prevention.  Why play Russian roulette??
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ref:  CTV News