Fluoride Wars

Fluoride is found in most our water and in most toothpastes. Doctors have warned that it may be affecting the intelligence levels of children. Recent research suggests that osteosarcoma, the rare bone cancer that killed Terry Fox, may develop from an excess of fluoride. Fluoride strengthens the outer layer of our teeth preventing decay. Lobbyists of adding fluoride to drinking water call it forced medication. High doses were used to kill rats in the First World War.

Among the recent studies, the most worrisome is the possible association with childhood osteosarcoma. The disease, the cause of which is unknown, is fatal in about one-third of cases and almost always leads to amputations.

An excess of fluoride leaves white marks and pits on our teeth.

Health Canada’s recent report acknowledges that excess fluoride intake, which constitutes 10 mg/day after 10 or more years of exposure, can lead to skeletal fluorosis, which is caused by too much accumulation of fluoride in the bones and leads to brittle and deformed bones. Health Canada’s April/08 report recommends that infants are particularly vulnerable if they ingest powdered infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water. “The risk of excessive intake of fluoride is higher for infants consuming larger quantities of infant formulas,” reads the report. The panel subsequently calls on the manufacturers of infant formula to lower and standardize the fluoride concentration in infant formula.

Richard Wiles is the executive director of the Washington-based Environmental Working Group, a public-interest group that has been lobbying the U.S. National Institutes of Health to provide a second opinion on fluoridation. The EWG worries that we are being overexposed to fluoidation. They observe that fluoridation is based on research done in the 1940s. Mr. Wiles contends that it wouldn’t be able to pass a modern risk assessment used for drugs or pesticides.

Health Canada is not as concerned, stating, “The fluoridation of drinking water supplies is a well-accepted measure to protect public health that is strongly supported by scientific evidence.” Nonetheless, the department said it is currently studying the recent scientific findings and may adjust the amount it recommends for water.

Check the labels of bottled water, many do contain significant amounts of fluoride.

In Canada, the highest levels of fluoridation are in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. B.C, Newfoundland and Quebec fluoridate negligibly.

As an alternative:

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