The Path of Least Resistance.

Everything is Energy.

When you are holding on to judgements, anger, sorrow, negative belief patterns passed and held through time, that negative energy is housed in your body and it grows larger and larger because that energy is like a magnet drawing other negative things to you. We have to find a balance.  It goes back to Karma and forgiving ourselves.  All the Karmas we have, have mass.  The more we focus inwardly on forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, and balancing our Karma, the fewer side effects we have from these energies.

Holding on to negativity is how we develop and grow disease. We enslave ourselves! Don’t buy into it!



Find a guidance system to help you though your issues. Examine your motives for everything.

When you learn how to find the source of your traumas and then how to let go of them, those negative energy spots within you start to dissolve.

We have to be a part of the solution.  Nobody is coming to save you!  We change the world one person at a time by doing the work on ourselves.  We grew up with theologies, belief systems, control systems.  When we understand the power of co-creative consciousness and work with that, we are on the road to recovery.  It starts with yourself.  Get off your knees! Go inside.  See all of yourself as an Other Self.  Build Your Vision!

We are the Magic!

People who work to clear these negative patterns are able to see or hear negativity and it passes through and on.  They develop a shield to negativity instead of a shield to positivity.  What you Think about Grows! Stop focusing on the archaic belief systems.  Put them aside, don’t allow them to be a part of the conversation. Find your truth!

Did you ever notice that some people become more and more angry and rigid with time, and also develop more disease?

I was stuck in an extremely negative pattern where it seemed that although some aspects of my life kept me relatively happy, there were so many negative patterns that kept occuring, it seemed to be coming from nowhere, and it seemed absolutely impossible to break away from it. When you are a hammer, every solution has to be a nail.  I felt like I did not matter. My weight kept piling on my physical body, infections and viruses were frequent, and I could feel that a heart attack was very possible.

I finally reached a point where I was so disempowered, totally depressed – but there was this little voice inside that mustered up the courage and encouragement to make a change. It takes a fraction of 1% to pivot back. Focus on an optimal temporal reality and outcome, service to others.   And so it began.  My journey back to The Best Me!

There is no one size fits all way of going about this, but it is important to turn the tide, and start baby steps.

The Resources

Going within is a great start and a wonderful habit to keep.  You will begin to trust your instincts as time goes on.

It is important to look at the circle of people around you.  You become like the 5 people that you spend the most time with.  You absolutely want some good relationships.  People are important!  Work to grow these relationships.  You will find there are people who you must let go of as well.  Learn something from every relation ship you have.  Think about what your experiences have taught you, and as good or as bad as it was, thank them for teaching you something. You don’t necessarily have to vocalize that to the person, you thank them from your heart. You are always learning a lesson. As time goes on you will find you are attracting a totally different type of people into your life.

There are many videos and support groups online that can help, some at no monetary cost.

Books are a tremendous resource!  Your library can become your most treasured possession.  Going back and re-reading them often brings new insight.


Again, go within for your answers.

Meditation is important as well.  This is where you learn to trust yourself, where you will begin to find your greatest insights.


You are much more than you have learned, read or studied.  Ge to know yourself.



Why Theta Healing®?

ThetaHealing® is all encompassing! It’s an energy healing modality that brings about purple-and-pink-logophysical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes throughout the body. We use the energy of the Creator to witness healings on many different levels be it on the core, genetic, history and the soul level. By tapping into the energy of creation we can access limiting beliefs, change limiting patterns and witness healings in and around the physical body on a cellular level.

What we think and what we feel in our body is held in place with a belief system. These belief systems can work for us or work against us. Every pain or trauma comes with its own story and sets of beliefs. In thetahealing® we take that story and those limiting beliefs and turn it into something great – something powerful!

What is your story?

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