Intern Ol … Get relief for those acid upsets…Homeopathically!

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Intern-Ol™ is a homeopathic remedy that provides fast relief from stomach acidity, heartburn, indigestion, and helps neutralize acid build-up in the stomach.


Exciting news about Intern-Ol™

  • The flavor is fresh and the feel is crisp
  • Although the letter ‘H’ is no longer stamped on the tablets, Intern-Ol™ is still compliant with the standards of The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States

The safe, effective ingredients in Unicity’s Intern-Ol™ neutralize stomach acid and stimulate the digestive system to restore balance. Intern-Ol™ conveniently delivers natural, acid-neutralizing medicine via tasty, chewable tablets.


Formulated to be the next generation of antacid, Intern-Ol™ combines today’s modern technology with time-tested homeopathic remedies to produce a truly wide-spectrum antacid.


Each chewable tablet allows your saliva to act as a natural catalyst with calcium carbonate to produce calcium hydroxide, a fast-acting acid neutralizer that naturally offsets symptoms of acidity and heartburn.

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