Going the Distance

Maralin’s Story.
On January 15th 2015, I woke up and couldn’t move any part of my body. I was rushed to the hospital and after days of testing it was explained to me, because of the diabetes, I had too high blood glucose despite the use of my drugs, the doctor had found my nerves had short circuited in my back and resulting in a diagnosis of Diabetic Neuropathy. After 9 weeks, of hospitalization, testing, rehabilitation, I was released from hospital. Still not being able use my legs, I relied on a wheelchair and walker to get around, needing constant care daily. One of the requirements for me to be allowed to go home from the hospital, was there had to be someone there with me 24/7. I am a widow so I had a relative move into my home. Community Access provided home care nursing and support staff to help with my personal needs and hygiene.

In my mid fifties my life had collapsed. I was facing a lifetime of diabetes, using and insulin pump, living in constant pain, inability to sleep, on a myriad of drugs including Hydromorphone and experiencing every kind of side-effect you could imagine. I had lost my independence, using a wheelchair and walker, I couldn’t take care of myself. I was living from my long term disability from work for a maximum of 2 years. I was facing a deadline or I would be relegated to government disability and lose my home, my vehicles, lose my whole way of life. I was terrified, feeling helpless and hopeless.
Maralin bracesBy January 2016, I graduated into Braces on both legs and a Cane to help walk, I was starting to move around but still unable to even get up steps. It seemed like a victory, yet I knew the clock was ticking for me to get back to work and at this rate it wasn’t going to happen.
By April 2016, I was completely aware that something was needing to change.
As a last resort, I finally called Darlene Long, I was at the end of my options and I needed to quit resisting reaching outside of the medical community, and do what I knew was right for me.

I knew Darlene from Enrich days and knew as I picked up the phone that she would always be there for me, I just avoided calling all this time because I thought “I couldn’t spend the money.”

She immediately welcomed me and told me to come to her place she needed to take a look at me.

I don’t think she knew what to expect. I needed help even getting into her home. We chatted about what was going on with me and she immediately responded, “Marilyn you need a team to help you”. Darlene advised me to enroll in the Transformation Program, explaining working with the coaches, helping with diet, exercise, accountability and her personal support together as ateam we could do this and get me back to work. I took the leap of commitment, not faith, to get control of my health, my life and my future.

Sure, I needed to get my finances in order, but I called back in two days and enrolled in the Transformation.
Maralin.pngBy July 2016, I lost 19 pounds and 13 inches. I was getting feeling back in my legs as I could feel them tingling, I knew they are coming alive! I was walking without braces on my legs or the use of a cane, beginning to wear ‘real shoes’; walking city blocks daily, when only weeks earlier I couldn’t get out of my house. I was again tending my garden, strolling and taking pictures, which was an impossibility for the previous 18 months.
I was going to the gym 3 times a week to the elliptical bike, rowing machine and lifting weights to continue to build more lean tissue and improve my mobility. The White Oak Plus and Bone Fortify as well as the Joint Mobility helped with the pain in my legs and reducing Inflammation in my body. I cut my insulin in half with the knowledge from the Transformation Program, and lowered my A1Cs by more than 4 points now.

In Sept. 2016, I began my evaluation to be allowed to go back to work. I went through every kind of test to affirm that I was ‘fit’ and it was ‘safe’ for me to return to work. My doctor, is ‘astonished’ with my recovery. I know now, I will always need to be very diligent with my health for the rest of my life.

It seems to me that I settled or I ignored signals. Maybe I was indifferent, I really didn’t want to ‘spend’ my money on my health…I certainly could spend money other places, on things I enjoyed, camera’s, kayaks, motorcycles, time shares, travel you name it. What I have come to realize is because of my indifference to my health, not wanting to ‘spend’ the money, it cost me an early 2 precious years of my life. Time I can’t get back. It could have cost me the rest of my life! And so I must decide each day what is more important.
January 2017, I have now been back to work for more than 2 months. It was really only a short time ago I worried about how I was going to keep my house, my car and could not see any light or end to my situation. Today because of my decision only 9 months ago, I know I can go the whole distance to my best health, continuing to practice all that I have learned forever.
I know I must share the knowledge I have gained, reach out and ‘Pay It Forward’ helping others.
Thank You to my Transformation Team  and Darlene.