A genome is an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions. Each genome contains all of the information needed to build that organism and allow it to grow …

 A  Genomeceutical ™

is a natural supplement which works in your body on the cellular level to effect rapid healing at that level.

Unicity now has clinically researched , patented and brought to market several genomeceutical™ products:
– Bone Fortify™
– Joint Mobility™
-LC Ascent™
– Neigene™
– Renew™ for Women
-Renew™ for Men
Bone FortifyJoint MobilityRenew WomenRenew for Menneigene

Unicity understands that beautiful skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin needs healthy cells. That’s why our scientists developed the brand new Neigene skincare system.

How do you effect your body at this level?  There are several methods available today.

Theta Healing®

is all encompassing! It’s an energy healing modality that brings about purple-and-pink-logophysical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes throughout the body. We use the energy of the Creator to witness healings on many different levels be it on the core, genetic, history and the soul level. By tapping into the energy of creation we can access limiting beliefs, change limiting patterns and witness healings in and around the physical body on a cellular level.

What we think and what we feel in our body is held in place with a belief system. These belief systems can work for us or work against us. Every pain or trauma comes with its own story and sets of beliefs. In thetahealing® we take that story and those limiting beliefs and turn it into something great – something powerful!

Aetheric Healing®

is the dynamic art of living your life in harmony with the symphony of universal intelligence expressing itself through you.


You are a universe unto yourself, a divine magnificent being who is already whole and complete. When you live your life as a conscious expression of this intelligence, your life takes on a greater purpose, your relationships become more meaningful and you ooze luminescent health & vitality.

Aetheric Healing™ is not just a profound technique that enables you to tap into this field of infinite wisdom, but rather is an attunement catalyst that enables you to naturally, easily and coherently access this universal knowledge 24/7.

You will receive astrological information  and learn why you are here, your soul’s journey on Earth.  We will chart your galactic center, and other aspects with Sirius and Alcyone working with Cosmic consciousness.