FDA Warnings – Some Cholesterol and Heart Drugs Don’t Mix

“The U.S. government says patients taking some common medications for high cholesterol and irregular heart beats can suffer severe muscle damage because of a problem in the way the drugs interact.”  This is illustrated in a report by CTV news.

The danger is to patients taking more than 20 mg a day of Zocor, generic Zocor or Vytorin with the heart rhythm drug marketed as Cordarone or Pacerone.  “A previous warning dating back to 2002 about the drug interaction apparently has not put an end to the problem”

Bios Life is clinically proven in eight scientific trials and clinical studies at some of the top universities, hospitals, and research institutions around the world including Stanford University, and the Cleveland Clinic to reduce cholesterol, thereby reducing the dosages of Statin drugs required. We are not chemical processing plants.  More and more it is clear that we must take responsibility for our wellbeing.

In the clinical studies, on average, Unicity Balance reduces LDL cholesterol (bad) by 31% in only eight weeks.  It improves HDL cholesterol levels (good) by an average 29% in the same eight weeks.  It also reduced triglyceride levels an average of 40%.

Unicity Balance for Cholesterol is FOOD not DRUG, and completely safe.

Unicity Balance for Cholestrol

Canada #26565, US # 26550

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DISCLAIMER: The publisher does not claim to be a health care professional of any sort.  This blog is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a guide for diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease.  If you have ay health problems, it is advisable to seek the advice of a health care professional.

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