Crystalline Water

Every living thing is basically a container of water, including crystals.

Since our body is mainly constructed of water – 75-90%, the quality of the water we drink is vitally important to our well-being.    In a perfect environment, water naturally structures.  The stronger that structure is in our body,  changes the way our DNA works for the better.

Water, in nature is full of natural minerals, and also has a structured crystalline form.  When we take in this water, our bodies become liquid crystals as well.  When water flows, it is healthy, and structured.

Why is our water unstructured?  Our water is treated in water processing plants and run through pipes which causes it to lose it’s crystalline nature creating a stagnancy. Aggressive additions of chemicals added change, and decrease our drinking water’s ability to spiral or structure.  It is recycled through this system over and over again.  We are imprinting the water spiritually.  Any pollution imprints negativity.  Our emotions or unconscious beliefs change our vibratory field as well as effects on vibrant health.

Everything is energy, and all energy can be transmutted.

Looking at crystalline water, why would we want the water in our body to be structured?  It is important to energy production in the body.  Longevity starts to change the structure of DNA.  homeostasis – the health, vitality , wellbeing, ATP.  This has an effect on longevity, immunity, mental clarity, and balance of hormones.

From a consciousness perspective .  When water is structured we begin to awaken in connection to the environment, giving us an innate intuition., enhancing energetic communication.  Our Auric field expands .  We also develop an enhanced life force, Chi, Prana.

Certainly, also it is important to take in quality food nutrients.

Through the process of Crystal Light Healing and Aetheric Healing- we assist this process , and bring in essences to assist the development of a Devine Crystalline Matirix.

During the process of Aetheric Healing, we work consciously to create the tetrahedral structure within your body –  balancing the Earth, Fire, Air and Water elements thereby the Solar energetic frequencies that surround you.  We work with the field transmitting this into the physicality of your body.


Water will be the Catalyst of the next Genetic Phenominon