Bones Fortified

This Bone formulation is a Genomeceutical.. This is the Latest Science!! You are getting much more bang for your buck here!
Genomeceuticals are employed in the burgeoning approach of nutrients directed toward the genome. Nutritional supplements capable of altering the integrity, expression, or fidelity of genes are herein referred to collectively as genomeceuticals for their ability to acting on the genome in a manner related to pharmaceuticals acting on biochemical pathways.
Genomeceuticals cannot only replace substances which may be missing (e.g., an enzyme diminished by mutation), but actually alter the expression and functionality of gene products in, and resulting from, genomic nutrient-sensing pathways.

We’ve combined the benefits from all our different Unicity Bone related products, improved them with the forefront of modern-day science, and merged them into one delicious drink mix.

So you were told you have “bad bones”….well, fix them. I have talked to several patients this week about their bones, bone spurs and kidney stones. All of them were taking Oscal or Caltrate. If you are wanting to take a calcium supplement, you need to understand not all supplements are equal. You first of all need a chelated form of calcium and then you need one that has enough magnesium to help with absorption. Unicity has reformulated their Calcium-Magnesium Complex which is now Unicity Bone Fortify. It is a powder which tastes like berries and cream.

Contains highly bioavailable forms of calcium and magnesium in a scientifically validated 1:1 ratio.
Vitamin K2 increases calcium absorption in the bones and helps minimize calcification of the arteries.
Vitamin K2 also stimulates bone formation by beneficially altering gene expression.
Vitamin D3 regulates the genes involved in collagen formation.
Adequate calcium and Vitamin D throughout the life as a part of a well-balanced diet and along with physical activity may reduce osteoporosis.


Bone Fortify
Calcium is known for its significance in building strong bones. Bone development is a multi-faceted process; however, recent studies have shown that calcium supplementation by itself might not be enough to build healthy bones and slow the effects of aging. Calcium supplementation requires a proper balance with other nutrients. Unicity Bone Fortify provides a highly bioavailable form of calcium (CCM), along with several other ingredients that assist bone development in a heart-healthy way.
Magnesium is an important mineral for the body that helps with hundreds of enzymatic reactions, including some reactions necessary for bone growth. Studies show that only a third (32%) of the U.S. population meets the dietary reference intake (DRI) for magnesium.
Vitamin D assists calcium absorption, and helps in the production of osteoblasts (cells that synthesize bone). Vitamin K2 modulates gene expression of osteoblasts and contributes to calcium transport by activating two calcium-binding proteins—osteocalcin and matrix GLA protein.
Figuratively speaking, Unicity Fortify provides the body with both the raw materials and the tools it needs to build bones. If the body receives solely calcium, then a great deal of the calcium will not be absorbed and utilized by the body and will instead float around without purpose in the circulatory system. By providing the body with additional supplementation (magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K2, and other trace minerals), it has the tools it needs to utilize calcium correctly. As a member of Unicity’s Genomeceutical™ line of products.
Fortify helps regulate the genes involved in calcium and magnesium uptake, as well as the genes that affect production of collagen in bone cells.
Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM) – Calcium, along with physical exercise, is one of the most important influences in bone mass and density.1
Compared with the average modern diet, Paleolithic hunter-gatherers consumed more calcium in their diets and had stronger bones (an average of 17% more bone density). CCM is the most bioavailable form of calcium, and has been shown to be more effective than calcium carbonate at supporting healthy bones. Combined with vitamin D and trace minerals, calcium helps support healthy bones in postmenopausal women.2
Magnesium Citrate –Magnesium helps transport ions, including calcium, and it plays a structural role in bone formation.
Vitamin D3 – Most Americans have low vitamin D levels, but this product contains a vitamin D amount that is recommended by current science. Vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body by regulating the genes that govern this process. Vitamin D has been used in conjunction with calcium to support healthy bones in postmenopausal women.2 It also regulates the expression of the genes involved with osteoblasts.3
Vitamin K2 (MK-7) – While the liver tends to retain vitamin K1, vitamin K2 integrates with lipoproteins, and ends up travelling to other areas of the body.4
Long-term studies of vitamin K2 show that it helps maintain healthy bones in post-menopausal women. The specific form of vitamin K (MK-7) found in Unicity Bone Fortify has a longer biological half-life than other forms, to assure it remains in circulation to assist the body.

Unicity Bone Fortify US # 27395

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