Becky’s MS Journey

by Shop Talk Notes on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 3:52pm

My first MS symptoms occurred in 1981 when I had uncontrollable contractions of my left hand. I was hospitalized and tested (spinal tap & myelogram), but the results were inconclusive.

I am very thankful that my MS is the relapsing/remitting type, and my next severe episode did not occur until 1990 when I suddenly developed double vision. This time an MRI was able to pinpoint my MS.

BeckyI am very thankful for my doctor, who not only persevered until my disease was properly diagnosed, but who also referred me to a dietitian (put me on a low-fat diet) as well as to St. Michael’s Hospital, well known for its MS expertise. Unfortunately, the hospital’s solution was a lifelong dependence on drugs, and I did not have the confidence in this solution to commit to it.

Enter “Enrich” and an herbal seminar given by Clive Buchanan — an MS success story. This began my journey into finding herbal/natural alternative solutions.

I have learned that:

· MS is a Vitamin B & D deficiency

· Calcium Magnesium (aka Cal-Mag) helps with my leg spasms. It also (along with Melatonin and Calmplex) calms my nervous system.

· Bone Mate is beneficial not only for its calcium levels but also for its levels of Vitamin D

· Due to MS draining my energy levels, I have come to depend on Power Generation and Myocap as well as Unicity’s new Smart Energy drinks (both “green” for mental acuity and “red” for its energizing effect).

· CognoBlend helps clear up the mental fog

· Cardio-Essentials is also key to my MS health

· Stress, lack of sleep, and heat are enemies of MS patients


I am very thankful for:

· My family who have been very supportive and strong prayer warriors.

· Darlene Long for her valuable counsel and recommendations.

· My naturopath, who made dietary corrections; who provides chiropractic adjustments to release the “kinks” in my body; and who has placed me on a weekly schedule of B-12 injections.

The quest continues. It is not inexpensive — but its alternative also comes with a cost.

Becky  –  Ontario

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