by Shop Talk on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 7:19pm

This product is perhaps, the most potent Anti-oxidant on the market today. It contains a comprehensive array of the best known anti-oxidants and the most effective anti-oxidants talked about medically and in the natural health field. To replace this product with individual products would cost over $100.00. The interesting thing about this anti-oxidant compound is that the vitamin Cs contained here are fat soluble, therefore can be stored in the body to protect it from oxidation and damage. The highest vitamin C stores in the body are in fact in the eyes. This protects us from cataracts and age related eye diseases. One of the most devastating results of aging is the loss of vision. Anti-oxidants are important to prevent free radical damage throughout the body and inhibit the aging process.Highlights of PhytoPath;
• Reduces cardio-vascular disease
• Reduces degenerative diseases and improves vision
• Improves skin and skin conditions
• Improves metabolic function
• Slows aging and improves health of every organ and cell within the body
• Has anti-tumour properties
• Aids in healing
• Aids in detoxing chemicals and waste from the body
• Increases energy
• Helps protect against age related neuro diseases – dementias, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
• Improves immune function
• Protects against environmental toxins and the damage they can create
• Helps prevent auto-immune disorders and may improve any condition that may be present
• Increases the ability of the blood to transfer nutrients and oxygen throughout the body effectively and discharge any waste (blood cells that are seen under a microscope will appear to be irregular shape and be sticking to each other in clumps. With a strong dose of anti-oxidants and some water you can actually see the blood cells respond in minutes)

Canada # 20436, US # 14785

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