Anti-aging Drink for Overall Health

Many of you have been waiting for the “elixir of life” to come to you on a silver platter and I honestly think that you may have actually gotten what you wished for with this  product  that is called “EnJuvenate™”.

EnJuvenate™ is a thrice-weekly product from an excellent and very reputable company called Unicity International, (makers of Bios Life Complete™). While many purport it to increase Human Growth Hormone, it is not as impressive as the  other things that are in it. It is a powder that is mixed in water or soy milk and taken at bedtime three times a week.  Here are some of the ingredients that are in it and an expalaination as to why the ingredients are good for your health.

Super Protein Complex: A complex protein blend from eight protein sources for an optimal blend of amino acids.  Sources include whey, rice, beet, pea, soy, egg white and casein. This rich blend of amino acids is the building blocks for protein repair in your body. One serving contains 21 grams of protein.

Regenerative Complex: Contains antioxidants that help protect against free radical damage and promote immune and skin health. Oxidation by free radicals is a major contributor to degenerative conditions we see as we age. To prevent some of these conditions, we need to increase consumption of antioxidants.

This complex includes:

– Grape Seed Extract

– Green Coffee Extract

– Colostrum

-Green Coffee Extract:   Green coffee beans have been shown to possess invivo antioxidant activity against lipid peroxidation.

1. Green coffee contains high levels of chlorogenic acid and this acid is shown to aid in preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which commonly happens as we age and may contribute to heart disease.

2. Cognitive Complex: Provides targeted nourishment that promotes mental performance and memory.

This complex includes:

– Rhodiola rosea

– Cordyceps sinensis

– American ginseng

– Schizandra chinesis

– Rhodiola rosea is commonly known to be an adaptogenic herb

3 . Adaptogenic herbs are botanicals with the ability to aid the body in coping with many different forms of stress by maintaining homeostasis in the face of stress and regulating the body’s adaptive reactions. This reduces most signs of the alarm stage ofthe stress response and delays or promotes the avoidance of the exhaustion stage. Through these mechanisms, adaptogens aid in making the stress response less damaging both physically and mentally.

4. Double-blind placebo controlled pilot study showed improvement in physical fitness, mental fatigue and neuromotortests in students during an examination period.

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5.  Another placebo-controlled study showed improved accuracy of movement versus speed in maze test (neuro-motoric fitness).

6. Finally, another study demonstrated improved mental performance and had anti-fatigue properties in healthy physicians during night duty.

7. Used in traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance the body’s resistance against fatigue and to extend human life.  Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom belonging to the genus Cordyceps within the family Clavicipitaceae. It is traditional only grown in very small quantities in its natural habitat in remote areas of China.

Some studies done by Numico in Europe have shown increased oxygen use during exercise. However, it is more used for resistance to stress-induced intensive exercise and enhances immune system functioning and also exhibits an anti-fatigue effect.

American ginseng is marketed to maintain natural energy levels and increase general well-being. A review of studies showed an improvement in quality of life, including energy, mental and physical abilities, mood, and general health.

8. American ginseng contains antioxidants, which prevents age-associated oxidative damage, enhances immune function and contains anti-stress properties.

Berries of Schizandra chinesis have been used extensively in traditional medicine in China and Russia as an antifatigue agent and for increasing energy and physical endurance, two luxuries often lost through age. The active compoundisschizandrin.

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Schizandrin is believed to increase resistance to a wide range of physical, chemical, and emotional stressors, while promoting improved overall regulation of physiological processes.  One study on race horses showed that S.chinensis facilitates the recuperation of the cardiovascular and respiratory system in horses subjected to different kinds of exercise

9.  Double-blind controlled randomized study showed it may help people endure stressful situations short-term, particularly heavy exercise

10.  Pituitary Complex:  Supports the body’s natural growth activity for youthfulness and longevity. This complex includes the following free-form amino acids:

– L-Glutamine
– L-Glycine
– L-Tyrosine
– L-Lysine
– L-Arginine

Finally, it contains Lepidium meyenii, also known as maca. This is a botanical ingredient used to aid in sexual desire. It is a nutritious tuber which grows in the harsh environment of the Peruvian highlands and it has a mythical reputation for promoting energy and stamina, enhancing sexual potency and libido. It has been shown in rats to enhance sexual function as evidenced by an increase in the number of complete intromissions and the number of sperm-positive females in the study. It also showed a decrease in the latent period of erection in male rats with erectile dysfunction. Strong aphrodisiac activity was noted from this plant.

9 Fioterapia 1994; LXV (2):113-8.

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A common negative consequence of aging is a decrease in libido as well as sexual desire, energy and endurance.

So is EnJuvenate™the “final word” in anti-aging products?  Hardly…it is only just one of the pieces of the puzzle that you should add to your daily regiment of nutritional supplementation.

Canada NFR #20982, US #20982
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The notes herein are notes taken on how certain health challenges and conditions were managed nutritionally in the past. They in no way are meant to prescribe or diagnose for individuals. People with serious health concerns should always consult with a medical practitioner and follow ‘best health rules and make decisions on their health personally and or with the guidance of a practitioner they trust.

ref:  Dr. Peter Verdegem, Unicity International

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