Age Related Visual Health

Vision Essentials™ is Essential to Vision Health

“By the time grandpa passed away, he’d lost most of his vision. Without good eyesight, he stopped reading and didn’t want to go on walks anymore. He felt depressed and isolated and resented the fact that he was entirely dependent on others if he needed to go somewhere.”

Vision is one of life’s gifts that we take for granted. We rarely think about it unless our eyesight fails. Have you ever been with a child after they put on glasses for the first time? How excited they are to see the shapes of leaves on the trees and the chalkboard at school!

Now imagine, as you age, images such as treetops, birds, or faces becoming blurry and disappearing altogether. Vision impairment, especially as you age, is a major health problem. A loss of vision means that you may have to reorganize your life and learn new ways of doing things.

Age-related visual impairment is second only to arthritis or rheumatism as a cause of disability. Vision loss ranks third after arthritis and heart disease as the reason for impaired daily functioning in people over the age of 70.

Older individuals, especially those with vision impairment, face greater safety risks when crossing busy intersections and when driving. Visually impaired older adults find it difficult, if not impossible, to read for pleasure, watch television, movies and sports for recreation with friends and family, barring them from the most common forms of social engagement, which can further add to a sense of isolation and depression. They confront formidable challenges in using computers and harnessing the internet to access information, to communicate, and to participate in online learning.

However, the fact is, some vision impairment as you age is preventable.

Nutrition and vision
To maintain healthy eyes, healthcare professionals recommend that you eat a healthy diet and lead an active lifestyle. For example, anything that adversely affects the health of the cardiovascular system has the potential for causing damage to your eyes and vision. Arteriosclerotic changes can cause the blood supply to the eye to become blocked, resulting in sudden loss of vision. Type 2 diabetes from an improper diet and lack of exercise can lead to diabetic retinopathy and vision loss.

In addition, it’s recommended that you take nutritional supplements to assure that you are receiving adequate amounts of micronutrients that are important to maintaining eye health.

Research shows that many diseases are caused by a process called oxidation.  Oxidation by free radicals appears to be involved in the development of certain eye diseases, including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Because oxidation by free radicals appears to cause a wide variety of diseases, researchers are focusing on the possible protective role of antioxidant vitamins and other micronutrients. Antioxidants are radical-scavenging agents that destroy free radicals and protect the body from harmful oxidative processes.

Unicity’s vision health supplements continue to evolve
As research about vision health evolves, so do Unicity’s nutritional supplements. Responding to the latest findings on eye health, Unicity International has developed Bios Life Vision Essentials.

Bios Life Vision Essentials is a powerful antioxidant formulation designed to protect the eyes from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The Bios Life Vision Essentials formula is based on the Age-Related Eye Disease Study I and II (AREDS) formulation which found that a combination of antioxidants were able to slow the advance of AMD.

Bilberry Vision Complete® VISUtein® New in 2010!
Vision Essentials™
Bilberry extract proven to improve nighttime vision.Item 11610 60 capsules
To be discontinued, available while supplies last.
Replace with Vision Essentials.
Includes bilberry, lutein and antioxidants proven to support and maintain overall eye health.Item 0961 60 capsules
To be discontinued, available while supplies last.
Replace with Vision
As Unicity incorporates additional available research and nutritional discoveries, VISUtein is created to support night vision and protect the eyes from free-radical damage and sunlight damage.Item 14634 120 capsules
To be discontinued, available while supplies last.
Replace with Vision
The latest vision-health formulation based on the findings of the Age-Related Eye Disease Study I and II (AREDS). Incorporates the most potent Unicity formulation of vitamins and antioxidants proven to support and maintain eye health.Item 24758 60 capsules

Recently, the National Institute of Health conducted two studies called Age-Related Eye Disease Study I and II (AREDS). Unicity International took the findings of AREDS I and the emerging results of AREDS II (which is still underway), and formulated Bio Life Vision Essentials.

These studies show that proper supplementation with the appropriate selection of powerful antioxidants, essential minerals, and lutein can significantly reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and its associated vision loss. This nutritional formulation can now be found in Bios Life Vision Essentials!

Bios Life Vision Essentials delivers tested and proven ingredients essential to vision health and will replace billberry, VISUtein and Vision Complete. When it comes to ingredients, think deep, rich color! Vision Essential’s ingredients are derived from dark leafy greens, bright colored vegetables and the lush, deep colors in fresh berries—all chosen and tested  to promote healthy vision.

Vitamin C An essential nutrient for humans. An antioxidant which protects against oxidative stress.
Vitamin E An antioxidant that stops the production of reactive oxygen species formed when fat undergoes oxidation.
Vitamin A Needed by the retina of the eye in the form of a specific metabolite, the light-absorbing molecule retinal. This molecule is absolutely necessary for both scotopic and color vision..
Zinc A trace mineral with over 100 enzymes dependent on it for their ability to catalyze reactions in the body. Provides a stabilizing influence on the structure of a number of proteins and cell membranes.
Lutein Vision Essentials’ lutein is the patented FloraGLO® lutein, known for its stability and potency and used in more clinical trials than any other lutein.
Zeaxanthin Several studies have connected zeaxanthin with lower incidence of AMD.
Bios Life
Berry Blend
Derived from a unique blend of wild blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, wild bilberry, elderberry and raspberry extracts, formulated and tested to promote eye health.

Vision Essentials

Canada # 28100, US # 24758

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