Aetheric Healing

We learn the potentials and challanges of your soul’s evolution, and work to We will be working with the aetheric meditation and process to put your  Galactic and/ or Soul Evolution Triangle in balance through vibrations of your energy centers.

You will understand more about yourself, receive support on your challanges.

Soul Evolution Triangle: What have you chosen individually to be born into, your greater inspiration coming down into you, what draws you, what you have curiosity, passion and interest in experiencing the creation through you.  You are balancing that beautiful frequency through you through the devine masculine and devine feminine.  Your Galactic Center shows your devine purpose, however what you do in your life doesn’t matter as long as you are holding the frequency , or the ability to surrender to that sacred evolutionary purpose.   It’s your ability to surrender to the devine expression of source through you, your 3 ascension highest aspirations, and evolutionary purpose – why you have chosent to come here – bringing that  through you in Aetheric Healing.


“There is nothing you have to do.

There is much you “will” do, but nothing you are required to do.

God wants nothing, needs nothing,  commands nothing, demands nothing.”

Neale Donald Walsh:  “What God Said”



Work with the sacred spiral of your Soul Evolution triangle through you and connect to your greater vibratory potential.  We are opening up to the sacred evolutionary purpose to guide you , rather than what you have to do to move toward your devine purpose.  Evolve, change and gorw and surrender and allow the frequency to guide you and take action in your life.